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If you scorn me for following “HIM”, then I am truly blessed, and if you know not why, I shall bring you unto “HIM”, however if you do know as the why; then mores the pity.

I at last tore my wealth asunder; and now reap the riches he giveth unto me 

 Keep his words everlasting, for it may come a time that He may not know you

 If you say the Bible’s song is written by so many, and whose lyrics are only a parable,
Then why- O- why is the same tune faithfully sung by all.

 Be all you can be-
Become a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ 

 No one stands as tall as a Christian on his knees 

 Malicious judgment against another is a sin
However objective observations makes good sense

 Pearls of wisdom from your tongue
May fall bitter upon another’s ear
Some things are better not said

 So difficult to allow others into your sorrow no matter how much it is done with love
Only God can ebb the tide of grief allowing the love never to be forgotten

 Evil is pride
Wrong road traveled
Shame and judgment scrutinize

How one perceives their future
Is how one behaves this day

 A shame that pro-abortionist did not have parents of like mind

 "When liberalism, whose legitimate child is relativism, has played itself out it will be a Pyrrhic victory to find ourselves in the hands of those whose identity is no longer in doubt. And when they are in control, the very means they used to hide their identity will be silenced as well.

Today’s perceptions will reflect your deeds of tomorrow,
And actions that traduce God’s will are simply……..EVIL

A vow to do no harm is righteous
And allowing no harm is virtuous

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